About Our Secret

Italy's Little Secret™ was developed in 2017 as a concept for a ethical and sustainable Boutique. We began our journey very small. On a little market stall in and around the West Midlands.
In 2019 we were awarded Best Retail Start Up in the West Midlands and came runners up for Best Retail Start Up Regionally for the entire UK and our stall was featured on BBC's The One Show in 2019. We also launched the brand officially at This Morning's Live Shopping And Lifestyle Show in 2019.
The pandemic then impacted and caused us to close our small business and to try and develop our online presence. The pandemic was nearly the end of us in a business sense and personally. There were months where the founder had to wait months for the appropriate business support and therefore had to go months on budgeted food with a very small budget. When the lockdown finally ended in 2021. It was like; they had let a lion out of a cage, we worked day and night, we put in blood sweat and plenty of tears. However we started in April after the lockdown ended and within 5 months by the 2nd September 2021, we had the keys to our first Flagship Boutique in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
We also managed to Win another award in 2021 at the same time, which was Highly Commended in the Retail Start Up Category in the West Midlands.
Fast Forward to 2023. We now have been in our beloved Boutique now for nearly 2 years and have built up a very strong basis of regular customers who visit form all over the country and the world even. That is on top of the local Ladies and Gentlemen who live and work in Stratford-Upon-Avon and the surrounding towns. We are also building more by the day.
We like to keep thing's unique, updated and different.
  • We aim to bring unique pieces that you won't see on the high street.
  • We aim to help you create a capsule wardrobe for our clients.
  • We aim to offer our customers a shopping experience that a makes our clients look and feel good.
  • We aim to offer honest and helpful advise.
  • We do not judge customers on age, size, height or gender.
  • We have temperature controlled environment in our Boutique and dressing rooms so that you feel comfortable should that restrict you from shopping in store.
  • Finally and most importantly. WE AIM TO PROVIDE A NO PUSH SALES environment where you can browse in peace and quite without feeling pressured or bothered by upselling or a sales pitch. This is so, regardless of whether you are making a purchase or not, you do not feel pressured. Instead you feel comfortable.
''To aim to provide our customers with the absolute best experience possible by creating the most uplifting environment possible; in which our customers can feel uplifted whether they are making a purchase, browsing for future potential purchases or simply passing by to say hello. As long as people leave smiling and feeling good, we are happy with that.''

We carry a range of stock that is exclusive to us in Stratford-Upon-Avon. You will not find it anywhere in the town in a shop or on a market stall. If you do and can prove it. We will give you're money back guaranteed.
We do only stock limited pieces of our products so that we can constantly keep bringing you new items weekly. This is how we keep you all up to date with the latest trends.
We are also supporting vegan start up brands by helping raise awareness of their brands, by working alongside and collaborating with them. Thus we stock a wide range of Vegan product's such as vegan wax melts, luxury handmade vegan-friendly candles. We will soon provide a range of vegan clothing, handbags and accessories too.
We hope that gives you a "little" idea into what we're about as a brand and where we aim to go in the future.
Rohan x