About Us

About Our Secret

We never did like the idea of seeing everybody in the same clothing or with the same accessories, because of the feeling that, it makes everything look plain, uniform and robotic.

We want everyone, to be able to express their personalities and characters; through what they wear and through how they accessorize themselves. Thus, representing their own unique,  individual characters, by what they're wearing on the outside.

We need uplifting, positive & most importantly; ethical brands now, more than ever.

The founder & one of the head buyers; has deep roots in the fashion industry. From modelling, to the latest catwalk trends & the latest fragrances. From head, with sunglasses, to toes with footwear. From young, the fashion industry & business retail industry has always intrigued our Founder. Now we have established a clothing,  handbag & accessory brand ,that is ethical, sustainable, good value for money and we will soon provide a range of vegan clothing, handbags and accessories.

We are also supporting vegan start up brands by helping raise awareness of their brands, by working alongside and collaborating with them. Thus we stock a wide range of Vegan product's such as Vegan wax melts, we also stock luxury handmade candles and vegan-friendly candles. Vegan friendly lip balms & scrubs. Vegan friendly hand sanitizers. We are also planning to add many more products and services in the future, but those are yet to be released.

Our mission is focused on giving our customers the absolute best experience possible, by creating the most amazing atmosphere possible and making sure that everybody working alongside, purchasing or simply browsing, leaves with a smile on their face, feeling uplifted. That's what it's all about for us.

Even if you just walk past, stop and smile because of how nice & positive the staff are and the atmosphere they create. Our aim, is to create a really positive atmosphere, give out positive energy, provide people with ethical & sustainable fashion, vegan accessories, cosmetics, fragrances and other products, and hopefully that attracts a very positive future for us and everyone who has anything to do with us.

We hope that gives you a "little" idea into what we're about as a brand and where we aim to go in the future.